by buildroyale is a cool 2D Shooter game based on the classic Battle Royale style. Like PUBG, your mission in the next match is to become the last standing man. After the adventure starts, the red storm also works. It will spread and take over areas on the map. Not only that, it will cause massive damage to players and kill you in a short time. You’d better defend yourself from that attack for survival by building walls or finding out an empty building. However, you can encounter a lot of aggressive characters. So, you are recommended to pick up weapons as soon as possible. Additionally, remember to gather items on the ground and open chests to get more power-ups. Do not ignore supervising the map and managing your inventory! In case your health is reduced, quickly regain it with corresponding supplies. Let’s enter the lobby and get ready to fight! Good luck!

How to play

Press E or F to interact with items, LMB to shoot, RMB to scope, Q to build walls, Space to jump, Shift to run, R to reload, M to open the map, Tab to view the inventory.

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